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Fishing Report

11.18.18 6:09 pm

WE ARE ACCEPTING PICTURES FOR THE BIG WINTER ISSUE so if you would like to email us your photo, you can send it to coastalfisherman@comcast.net.  Please send the picture at Actual Size and include in the email the boat name, anglers names, towns, fish caught, bait or lure used, location of catch, length and/or weight of fish caught (or at least the heaviest).  
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by Larry Jock

SUNDAY, November, 18, 2018

Who would have ever thought we would be reporting tuna catches in mid-November.  Today, Brian Arni and his crew on the "Get Reel" fished behind the Poor Man's Canyon and ended up with 6 yellowfins, 2 bigeyes and a mako release.

Yesterday, anglers fishing in the surf off Lewes, DE caught some stripers, but today it was nothing but dog sharks.

Big Bird Cropper did catch a 31-inch striper in the OC Inlet today.

If you are looking to do some Chesapeake Bay striper fishing, Capt. Nick Clemente on the "Ivy Sea" is fishing out of Deal Island.  You can give him a call at 410-430-5709.

MONDAY, November 12, 2018

Capt. Chris on the headboat, "Angler" reported decent fishing with a mix of sea bass, flounder and bluefish.  The largest flonder weighed 4 lbs. 12 oz. and was caught by Carmelo Montoya.  Fish were caught on bucktails on an ocean wreck.

Shannon Pickens caught a 28-inch, 6 lb. 14 oz. flounder at the Great Eastern Reef in 65-feet of water.  Fish was hooked on a bucktail tipped with a dead mullet.  Shannon and his buddies also caught sea bass, bluefish and mackerel.  Weighed at Alltackle Ocean City.

Frank Perna and Jimmy Bunting caught a 141 lb. big eye tuna today while fishing at the 985 line, south of the Poor Man's Canyon.  The duo started the day off swordfishing in the Baltimore Canyon and lost one at the boat.  They arrived at the 985 line around noon and caught 3 yellowfins and a bigeye by 1:30 PM.  Three came on a green stick and one on a tracker bar.  Congrat's guys!

WEDNESDAY, November 7, 2018

Capt. Chris Mizurak on the headboat, "Angler" reported good fishing with most anglers catching their limit of sea bass and flounder.  Sea bass weighed up to 3 lbs. and flatties weighed up to 5 lbs.  Fish ate squid and clams on natural bottom.

TUESDAY, November 6, 2018

Been quiet for a while.  It looks like the migrating stripers are off the coast of Asbury Park, NJ.  My foreign correspondents in Monmouth Beach, Alan Miller and Ed Moro, said that the guys are catching BIG fish up there right now. Pictured below is Ed's grandson, Garrett Moro, with a 45 pounder caught while rolling bunker spoons off the coast.

Locally, a few stripers are being caught off the Rt. 50 Bridge and Chris Clasing emailed me to say that he and his father fished the Fenwick Ditch and caught and released 41 stripers between 22 and 26-inches.  All on spot.  Their lone keeper measured 28 1/4-inches.  All of the fish were caught in 4 hours during the outgoing tide.  Chris said that quite a few of the fish were spitting up small crabs.

WEDNESDAY, October 24, 2018

It looks like the striper migration is still far to our north.  My foreign correspondent, Mr. Miller, in Monmouth Beach, NJ said they haven't arrived off their coast yet.  My foreign correspondent in Ocean City, NJ has been catching keepers in the rivers off the bay, but they have to be resident fish.  

Stripers are still being caught around the Rt. 50 Bridge.

Flounder fishing is still rolling along in the East Channel.

Mary Mergott caught a pair of good size flounder measuring 20 and 22-inches while drifting live mullet in the East Channel.

Prior to the most recent windy weather, headboats were seeing some good days for both flounder and sea bass.  A couple of days ago, Capt. Chris on the "Angler" reported a good day with several limits of sea bass and flounder around the rail.  Charles Kricher caught a doubleheader with the largest fish weighing 4.5lbs

SATURDAY, October 20, 2018

Kern Ducote and Mike Quade caught their limit of flounder in the East Channel on Spro ducktails tipped with Gulp shrimp or Swimming Mullet.  Fish measured between 16.5 and 22-inches.

FRIDAY, October 19, 2018

On the headboat, "Angler", Capt. Chris Mizurak reported good fishing today with limits of sea bass and some limits of flounder.  Largest flounder weighed 3.7 lbs.

Capt. Monty Hawkins on the headboat, "Morning Star" said it was the best ocean flounder bite he has ever seen in October.  Numerous anglers limited out.  Some sea bass were also caught with the largest measuring 19-inches.

On a side note, Capt. Monty said they dropped reef block #23,000 today.  They now have 1,192 blocks at the Capt. Bob Gowar Memorial Reef.

A.J. Kolb cuaght this dolphin in the Poor Man's Canyon during a trip aboard the "Outlaw X"

THURSDAY, October 18, 2018

Flounder are still snapping in the East Channel and around the Rt. 50 Bridge.  This time of year you also have a good shot at catching one around the South Jetty.

Sheepshead can still be found along the rocks of both the North and South Jetty.

Legal size stripers are also being caught around the Rt. 50 Bridge so you could probably find a straggler  in the surf.  I did receive a report from Pat Samborski who caught a 47-incher while surf fishing off Assateague with fresh bunker.

MONDAY, October 15, 2018

Looks like legal size stripers have shown up around the Rt. 50 Bridge and probably out at the South Jetty.

Danny Cox and Mike Austill caught stripers up to 29 inches and an 18-inch flounder.  Caught on bunker and spot.

Yesterday, anglers on the "Fabricator" hit the Washington Canyon and caught a load of dolphin weighing up to 10 lbs.

Tom Rolando caught a 21-inch Spanish mackerel while trolling a green Clark spoon Mackerel Duster across Fenwick Shoal

SUNDAY, October 14, 2018

Flounder are still snapping in the East Channel and keeper size striped bass are being caught around the Rt. 50 Bridge.

My foreign correspondent in South Jersey said that legal stripers are being caught in the rivers.

Anglers on the charter boat, "Get Sum" ended up with 7 keeper flounder after drifting white Gulp in the East Channel.  Largest measured 18-inches.

Kern Ducote and Mike Quade caught their limit of flounder in the East Channel this morning.  Fish measured between 17 and 19-inches.  Caught on Gulp Swimming Mullets.

On the headboat, "Morning Star", a good number of anglers caught their limit of black sea bass in flat calm seas.  Largest measured 19 1/4-inches.  Fish were caught on Gulp, cut bait, clams and squid on natural coral bottom.

Alison and John Cacchio and Donny Holdren caught 6 keeper, measuring between 16 1/2 and 19-inches, while drifting Gulp in the East Channel.

Yesterday on the headboat, "Judith M", anglers ventured 16 miles offshore and almost everyone caught their limit of black sea bass (over 100).  They also caught some triggerfish and a few small bluefish.  All were caught over natural bottom on squid and cut bait.

Yesterday, Dave Beach fished a couple of hours off the 2nd Street Bulkhead and caught a pair of flounder measuring 19 and 21 1/2-inches.  All on live bunker.

On the headboat, "Tortuga", anglers had 5 keeper flounder during the morning trip and a pair in the afternoon.

On the charter boat, "Fish Bound", anglers caught 16 black sea bass and 3 keeper flounder while fishing on ocean structure.

Good numbers of black sea bass were caught a the Bass Grounds today.

Anglers on the charter boat, "Foolish Pleasures" ventured offshore and caught their limit of dolphin.

Anglers on the charter boat, "On the Run" caught 4 sheepshead and 4 flounder while fishing around the South Jetty (sheepshead) and in the East Channel (flounder).  Sheepshead were between 10 and 13.5 lbs.  Flounder weighed up to 5 lbs.

WEDNESDAY, October 10, 2018

Gary Savage caught and released a 48-inch red drum while surf fishing off Assateague.  Fish ate a chunk of cut mullet.

On the headboat, "Morning Star", Capt. Monty Hawkins reported a lot of anglers in the double digits.  Largest sea bass was a 19-incher.  All caught on an ocean wreck.

TUESDAY, October 9, 2018

Around 7:30 this morning, Nick Ager was surfcasting off Assateague when he hooked into this 48-inch red drum.  Nick estimated it at around 45 lbs.  It was caught on live spot.

Sheepshead are biting around the South Jetty.  

Flounder are snapping in the East Channel and in the Fishbowl.  You can also find nice fish by fishing under the Rt. 50 Bridge.  Be prepared for a lot of throwbacks.

On the headboat, "Morning Star", anglers found a slow sea bass bite early in the morning but when it turned on it turned on with a vengence.  They ended up with a boat limit of knotheads, a mahi, some triggerfish, some flounder and a huge scup.  jack Pearson led the way with a 20-inch sea bass.  The fish were caught on a wreck using clams, jigs, Gulp, squid and cut bait.

MONDAY, October 8, 2018

Anglers on the charter boat, "Get Sum" caught 8 keeper flounder while fishing in the East Channel and in the Fishbowl.

Those fishing on the headboat, "Angler" found good sea bass fishing while soaking squid on an ocean wreck.  Most anglers caught their limit of knotheads and one angler also caught and released a 46-inch red drum.

I wonder if anglers are still finding red drum at Fenwick and Isle of Wight Shoals?  If so, drop me a line.

Anglers fishing on the headboat, "Morning Star" also found good sea bass fishing on wrecks and artificial reefs.  Around 1/2 of the anglers caught their limit of knotheads and those who didn't were only 1-3 fish shy.

Capt. Dave Caffrey on the charter boat, "On the Run" continues to put his anglers onto good catches of sheepshead around the South Jetty.  Wayne Fawley caught 6 sheepshead weighing up to 10 lbs.

Anglers fishing on the charter boat "Get Sum" during a 2-hour afternoon trip put 4 keeper flounder in the box after drifting white Gulp Swimming Mullets in the East Channel and in the Fishbowl.

On the charter boat, "Fish Bound", anglers caught their limit of sea bass along with a mix of flounder and triggerfish.

Red drum are being caught by surfcasters off Assateague. 

Yesterday, Bob Althauser caught a 94 lb wahoo in 200-feet of water inside the Poor Man's Canyon.

On the charer boat, "Helbent", Josh Morgan caught a 17 3/4-inch flounder and the entire crew had 16 throwbacks and 6 sea bass while fishing the beginning of the outgoing tide next to the Rt. 50 Bridge.  Keeper was hooked on a live minnow.

SUNDAY, October 7, 2018

Today is the final day of the Ocean City Marlin Club "season" and the "No Quarter" and the "Buskshot" are battling it out for top honors for Most Billfish Releases.  The "Buckshot" leads the "No Quarter" by only 2 releases.

Mahi and white marlin are being hooked at the south end of the Washington Canyon and between the Washington and Norfolk Canyons.

Flounder fishing in the bay is still good, although anglers are having to deal with a large number of throwbacks.  The East Channel, Fishbowl and under the Rt. 50 Bridge have been the go-to spots.

Yesterday, Dave Beach caught his limit of flatties while fishing off the 2nd Street Bulkhead.  Fish measured from 17 to 19-inches. Dave and his son had 7 throwbacks with 2 coming in right at 16 1/2-inches.  All caught on peanut bunker.

Rich Daiker and Kenny Schoen caught 6 keeper flounder under the Rt. 50 Bridge.  Fish ranged from 16 3/4 to 21-inches.  Call caught on live bunker.

Kern Decote caught his limit of 4 flounder rangling in size from 18 to 20-inches.  The fish were caught in the East Channel and at the Rt. 50 Bridge.

Yesterday, on the headboat, "Morning Star", most anglers caught double-digits of black sea bass.  The largest was a 22-incher caught by Tom Hoy.   Jake Hurlock caught a 30-inch mahi and Jim Spencer caught a 17 1/2-inch triggerfish.  Anglers even caugh some keeper flounder during the trip.

This morning there were good numbers of boats fishing in the East Channel, so I am expecting to hear some good flounder fishing reports.

Sheepshead are still being caught in good numbers around the South Jetty for anglers soaking sand fleas.

Yesterday on the charter boat, "Get Sum" anglers caught 5 keeper flounder.  Their largest measured 19-inches.  All caught on Gulp in the East Channel and the Fishbowl.

5:14 PM - Well, the great battle of 2018 between the "No Quarter" and the "Buckshot" ended this afternoon with the "Buckshot" taking top honors for billfish release this season, 152 vs. 149.  Congratulations to the crews of both boats!

On the charter boat, "On the Run", David King, Jr. caught a 12 lb. sheepshead and Paul Gibbs caught an 11 pounder.  The anglers, plus David King, Sr. caught 10 fish and released several smaller ones in addition to some small striped bass.  All of the action was at the South Jetty where the sheepshead bite has been red hot.

On the headboat, "Morning Star", angler Tim Calimer caught a 26-inch flounder that tipped the scale at 8 lbs. 8 oz.  Fish ate cut bait with a white bucktail teaser.  Capt. Monty Hawkins said that was a gorgeous day offshore.  Sea bass bit hard in the morning and then eased up a bit.  A few sea bass limits were caught around the rail.  Largest knothead was a 19-incher caught by Tom Hoy.  

The Herbert clan fished the East Channel and ended up with 3 keeper flounder measuring between 16 1/2-inches and 18-inches.  All caught on peanut bunker.

Kevin Coats from Ocean Pines caught a good size sheepshead at the South Jetty this morning while fishing with sand fleas.

During the morning trip on the charter boat, "Get Sum", anglers caught 6 flounder.  Fish measured up to 19-inches.  

During their afternoon trip on the charter boat, "Get Sum", anglers caught 6 keeper flounder in the East Channel and the Fishbowl.  Largest measured 19-inches.

SATURDAY, October 6, 2018

Sheepshead are really snapping around the South Jetty for anglers fishing with sand fleas.

Flounder are being caught under the Rt. 50 Bridge.

Surfcasters off Assategue Island are hooking into some nice size red drum.

Ashton Shoen caught 3 keeper flounder, measuring from 17 1/2 to 19 1/2-inches while fishing with live bait under the Rt. 50 Bridge.

It looks like some boats are heading offshore to the Washington Canyon in search of mahi, wahoo and white marlin.  A few are going on overnighters.

FRIDAY, October 5, 2018

A boatload of bankers ventured out on the headboat, "Tortuga" this morning and they returned with 5 keeper flounder in the box.  Tracy Schultz led the way with an 18-incher.  Fish were caught on squid and shiners behind Harbour Island.

Yesterday, anglers on the "Primary Search" caught a load of mahi in addition to recording 2 white marlin releases in the Washington Canyon.  They had 7 whites on at once and 20-30 in their spread at one time.

THURSDAY, October 4, 2018

Flounder fishing in the bay was OK today, mainly in the East Channel and around Harbour Island.  The morning bite was better than the one in the afternoon.  Throwbacks were plentiful, but some keepers were caught as well.  I heard the "Bay Bee" had 6 keepers during their morning trip.

Sea bass are really snapping on ocean structure.  Anglers fishing on the headboat, "Morning Star" AGAIN had a boat limit of sea bass.  Fish were cauht on cut bait, squid, jigs and clams over an artificial reef.

Brian Brannan caught a 22-inch flounder in 70-feet of water on ocean structure.

Tom Tatum had a good flounder fishing season and boated another pair while drifting Gulp Swimming Mullets in the East Channel, north of the Rt. 50 bridge.  Fish measured 18 and 19-inches.

The hot offshore bite is still rolling along.

Charter boat, "Rhonda's Osprey" had 6 white marlin releases and 16 dolphin in the Washington Canyon.

"Gret's Three J's" returned from an overniight trip in the Washington Canyon with 10 white marlin releases.

"No Quarter" had 6 white marlin releases in the Washington.

"Poore Sport" hit the Washington Canyon and had 6 white marlin releases.

Anglers on the "Lucky Duck" returned from the Washington with 5 white marlin releases, a wahoo and some mahi

"Fish On" had a white marlin release and a wahoo in the Washington.

"Pumpin Hard" had 2 white marlin releases in the Washington.

"Buckshot" had 5 white marlin releases, to continue their hold on the #1 spot in the Marlin Club seasonal contest.  They also had 2 wahoos.  All in the Washington.

WEDNESDAY, October 3, 2018

Check out the new video posted on our homepage courtesy of Craig Costantino on the "Moore Bills".  Craig's videos are incredible, possibly the best fishing videos I have seen.  Always entertaining with great shots and music.

Rough seas today will keep folks at the dock but sets up a good final 4 days in the season-long Marlin Club competition for most billfish caught and released.  Right now, the "Buckshot" is in the lead with 142 releases followed by the "No Quarter" with 138 releases.  

Last Saturday, Zev Siony, Tommy Kennedy and Kevin Logue went to the Washington Canyon and ended up with 20 mahi in the box.  All were caught on skirted and naked ballyhoo.  The guys ventured out on the first trip for Zev's new boat, "Reel Tapped".

TUESDAY, October 2, 2018

It was another good day for anglers chasing white marlin.  The action continues to center in 50 fathoms on the West Wall of the Washington Canyon.  Water temp is ranging from 74 to 78-degrees.

The Marlin Club - Top Marlin Boat contest is really coming down to the wire between the "Buckshot" and the "No Quarter".  The "No Quarter" is the defending champion but they are slightly behind the "Buckshot" 142 to 138 with the competition ending on Sunday.

"Rhonda's Osprey" went to the Rockpile and released 2 white marlin and caught 20 dolphin.

Charter boat, "Marli" also went to the Rockpile where they caught 60 dolphin.

"Gret's Three J's" had 7 white marlin releases in the Washington Canyon.

"Billfisher" released 9 white marlin in the Washington.

"Buckshot" released 5 white marlin in the Washington.

"No Quarter" released 7 white marlin in the Washington.

"Tighten Up" had 15 white marlin releases during an overnight trip to the Washington.

"Reel Steel" released 10 white marlin in the Washington.

The sea bass are really biting on ocean structure. Anglers on the headboat, "Morning Star" had a boat limit on Saturday, many limits on Sunday and a boat limit on Monday.  The flounder bite is very inconsistent.

Yesterday, it was a boat limit of sea bass for anglers fishing on the headboat, "Angler", with fish weighing up to 4 lbs.  They also had flounder, triggerfish, bluefish, jacks and a 13 lb. mahi caught by Adrianna Foreman.

Don Douglas caught an 18 1/2-inch flounder on a live bunker while fishing off the 2nd Street Bulkhead.

Jack Harsh caught a 20 1/2-inch flounder while fishing off the 2nd Street Bulkhead.  Fish was fooled with a shiner.

Dakota Freyser caught a 21-inch flounder on an artificial reef while soaking a squid and minnow combination.

MONDAY, October 1, 2018

It looks like yesterday was another good one for offshore anglers chasing dolphin and white marlin.

Anglers on "Martha D" returned with 12 white marlin releases in the Washngton Canyon.

Charter boat, "Rhonda's Osprey" had 30 dolphin and 4 white marlin releases in the Washington.

"Blood Money" had 3 white marlin releases in the Washington Canyon.

Charter boat, "Fish On" had 4 white marlin and a blue marlin release in the Norfolk.

"Tighten Up" had 8 white marlin releases in the Norfolk Canyon.

Charter boat, "Boss Hogg" had 60 dolphin near the Rockpile.

Charter boat, "Marli" had 60 dolphin near the Rockpile.

Sheepshead are still snapping good at the South Jetty for anglers who are using sand fleas for bait.

Linda Walter caught a 17 1/2-inch flounder in the Thorofare on a Gulp Swimming Mullet.

Yesterday, Dave Beach was fishing off the 2nd Street Bulkhead when he caught 3 keeper flounder measuring between 17 and 18 1/2-inches.  All were fooled with live mullet during the incoming tide.  He also had a few throwbacks as well.

2:25 PM - Dave Konick just reported that there are a load of bluefish on Fenwick Shoal in addition to good numbers of red drum.

Denise Maffei was fishing off Assateague Island when she caught a pompano on a Fishbite bloodworm.

Yesterday, Kyle Shelton caught 3 sheepshead on sand fleas at the South Jetty.  Largest fish measured 19-inches.

6:25 PM - It sounds like the white marlin bite down in the Washington Canyon today was outstanding. Several boats with double digit hook ups.  

SUNDAY, September 30, 2018

Absolutely beautiful day in Ocean City.  I'm sure we will see a load of dolphin coming in from offshore boats.  The sheepshead are really snapping at the South Jetty for anglers fishing with sand fleas.  Flounder are snapping in the East Channel and there were quite a few boats drifting the channel today.

Anglers on the headboat, "Morning Star" had a good day of sea bass fishing and even added a few flounder and triggerfish to the mix.  Six anglers limited out on black sea bass.  Doug Schultz had the largest fish of the day, a 21 1/4-inch flounder.  All of the fish were caught on natural and artificial bottom on clams, squid, cut bait, gulp and jigs.

Micheal Chan caught a pair of keeper flounder and some throwbacks while drifting behind the OC Airport this morning.  Two keepers measured 18 1/4 and 19-inches.

SATURDAY, September 29, 2018

Looks like the incredible dolphin bite continues to steam along with great catches coming from the Washington Canyon in addtion to the Poor Man's and outside the Rockpile.


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