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Fishing Report

7.20.18 5:56 pm

**If you would like to email us your photo, you can send it to coastalfisherman@comcast.net.  Please send the picture at Actual Size and include in the email the boat name, anglers names, towns, fish caught, bait or lure used, location of catch, length and/or weight of fish caught (or at least the heaviest).   Please do not send any pictures through Facebook Messenger. 

by Larry Jock

FRIDAY, July 20, 2018

*** The Marlin Club Kid's Classic has been cancelled!

7:22 AM - Capt. John Oughton on the charter boat, "that's Right" reported that they have caught a yellowfin and a dolphin near the Tea Cup.  A lot of boats out there today.  Water temp is 74-degrees.

7:40 AM - On the charter boat, "That's Right", Capt. John reported that they just caught 4 more yellowfins.

8:56 AM - Anglers on the charter boat, "That's Right" just caught another yellowfin inshore. Sounds like a couple of bluefins have been caught inshore also.

9:37 AM - It looks like the cobia are starting to show up (Trovitch are you listening?).  We reported a couple of days ago about Nick Ferrara catching a couple off Bethany Beach.  This morning, Rita Kiewra caught and released a 30-incher while fishing on the "Tortuga" in the East Channel. 

Yesterday, anglers on the "Booby Trap" caught a 66 lb. wahoo, a pair of yellowfins and a 96 lb. bluefin in Massey's Canyon.

11:17 AM - Capt. John on the charter boat, "That's Right" said that there isn't much to report right now.  Bite has gotten real slow.  A few yellowfins and a few bluefins have been caught, but not much to it.

11:23 AM - Capt. Steve on the headboat, "Happy Hooker" took a group of junior anglers participating in the Ocean City Parks & Rec Fishing Camp.  C.J. Norton and Connor Tanzi each caught a 17-inch flounder while drifting shiners behind Harbour Island.

The Dagsboro Boys headed out to a piece of structure at the Bass Grounds and pounded it for 12 good size keeper flounder, weighing up to 4 lbs. 10 oz.  The caught the fish on squid, shiners and bellies.

Jessie and Jamie Collins caught 12 mackerel while trolling at the 1st Lump with their Uncle Troy Collins and Aunt Joyce Collins on the "Margarita".


Yesterday, Robby Pinzhoffer caught this 42 1/2-inch, 26 lb. cobia at Great Gull under a school of bunker.  Robby foul hooked a bunker on a spoon and tossed it the cobias way.  the fish flew out of the water and ate the bait. Robby fought it for a half an hour on a spinning reel and the rod eventually broke but they still got it in. 

3:16 PM - On the charter boat, "That's Right", anglers Donald Bounds, Jack Fisher, Justin Gray and Matthew Davis caught 4 yellowfins and a dolphin at the Hot Dog.

Bruce Shannon and Mike Weber caught a 56-inch, 98 lb. bluefin tuna in Massey's Canyon.

4:57 PM - Anglers on the charter boat, "Marli" caught a 60-inch, 120 lb. bluefin tuna and 2 yellowfin while trolling at the Hambone.

5:14 PM - It was slow fishing today for boats fishing in 20-30 fathoms.  As reported earlier, most boats had one to a couple yellowfins and some boats had none.

Anglers on the "Slaughterhouse" spent the day trolling in Massey's Canyon and caught a yellowfin and 3 dolphin in 74-degree water.

Yesterday, Lydia Slayback caught this 20 lb. dolphin during a trip on the "Spring Mix II" just north of the Lumpy Bottom.

On the charter boat, "On the Run", Will and Ella McCarter caught 2 flounder, measuring 16 3/4 and 18 1/2-inches on Gulp in the East Channel.

Suzy Soroka caught a 19 3/4-inch flounder in the East Channel during the incoming tide.  She used white Gulp Swimming Mullet for bait.  Her group ended up with 31 throwbacks during their trip.

On the headboat, "Angler", Capt. Chris Mizurak said the flounder were really snapping today with several flounder limits around the rail.  The largest flounder weighed 3 lbs. 8 oz.  They used strip baits on a natural reef.

Capt. Nick Clemente on the charter boat, "Get Sum" reported good flounder fishing today in the East Channel.  Anglers on the afternoon trip ended up with 3 keepers and a load of throwbacks.  Even mate Willie Poole had a nice size throwback!

5:54 PM - On the charter boat, "Fish Bound", angler Tommy Lambert caught a 7 lb. 2 oz. floundr on a whole squid dressed up with a pink skirt while fishing on coral ocean bottom.

THURSDAY, July 19, 2018

6:43 AM - Capt. John Oughton on the charter boat, "That's Right" reported that they decided to stay inshore around the Sausages and have caught a single yellowfin so far.  Slow start.  Not hearing much.

7:41 AM - On the charter boat, "That's Right", Capt. John reported that there hasn't been much to the bite so far today.  Plenty of bait marks.  Sounds slow all over

8:57 AM - Capt. John Oughton on the charter boat, "That's Right" reported that it is really slow inshore.  He is thinking of taking a ride offshore.

9:29 AM - Updated yesterdays report.

10:01 AM - On the charter boat, "That's Right", Capt. John Oughton reported that they ran offshore to see what will happen.  He heard of a few "under" bluefinsand a few yellowfins caught inshore.  Very slow pick.

10:36 AM - Capt. John on the charter boat, "That's Right" said that they are catching dolphin around some gear, but not much is going on today.  Stay tuned though.  Capt. John is known for pulling it out at the end.

12:06 PM - Samantha Platt caught a 21-inch, 3 lb. 8 oz. flounder in the East Channel this morning while fishing on the charter boat, "On the Run".  She used a live minnow for bait.

12:14 PM - Matt Shoup at Fenwick Bait & Tackle reported lots of nice spot and croaker at the 90 Bridge yesterday. 

1:39 PM - On the charter boat, "Get Sum", Faye Dorman caught an 18-inch flounder on a white Gulp behind Harbour Island.  Faye and her group also went home with a 1/2 bushel of good size crabs and clams.

On the charter boat, "Over-Board", anglers caught a 41-inch needlefish, 3 king mackerel, 1 Spanish mackerel and 2 flounder at the First Lump.

1:47 PM - Capt. John Oughton on the charter boat, "That's Right" said it was a tough day but they caught some dolphin and a yellowfin that looks to be in the 50 lb. range.  He hasn't heard much of a bite anywhere.

4:15 PM - Anglers on the headboat, "Morning Star" caught flounder up to 19 1/2-inches while fishing at an artificial reef and over natural bottom.  They used cut bait, clams and Gulp for bait.

5:23 PM = Anglers on the charter boat, "On the Run" hit the East Channel and caught 3 flounder up to 21 1/2-inches and 4 lbs.  Used Gulp for bait.

On the charter boat, "Ivy Sea", Bella Montellese caught her first flounder, a 16 3/4-incher, while drifting a white Gulp behind the Airport.  Her brother, Giovanni caught a 17-incher.

On the charter boat, "Get Sum", anglers had a good trip, ending up with 5 flounder in the box after drifting in the bay behind Castaway's Campground and at the mouth of the Commercial Harbor.  All were caught on white Gulp and the largest measured 21 1/2-inches. 

It was a tough bite for most offshore today.  Most of the boats that headed to Massey's Canyon only had a couple of yellowfins, and several boats had none.

Anglers on the charter boat, "Boss Hogg" found a tough inshore tuna bite today but managed to get some dolphin in the box and then went dropping for sea bass and tilefish.

Preston Walls caught his limit of flounder, up to 19-inches, while drifting bunker in the East Channel during the incoming tide.

Anglers on the "All In" caught 7 yellowfins while chunking in Massey's Canyon.

Beckham and Logan Shaffer caught a couple of flounder, measuring 17 and 17 1/2-inches in the East Channel during the incoming tide.  Used Gulp for bait.

WEDNESDAY, July 18, 2018

Nasty seas offshore kept the vast majority of boats at the dock today.

4:49 PM - The charter boat, "Marli" ventured out today and returned with 4 yellowfins.

Anglers on the charter boat, "Helbent" drifted Gulp and minnows in the Thorofare, just north of Bird Island, and ended up with a pair of 19-inch flounder.  They also had a bunch of throwbacks as well, led by Logan Forbes with 7.

5:48 PM - Capt. Steve Pfeiffer on the "Game Over" took his anglers to Massey's Canyon where they caught a 61-inch, 141 lb. bluefin, 7 yellowfins and a dolphin on the troll.  Capt. Steve said that the morning was very rough but laid out somewhat in the afternoon.  Water temp was 76-degrees.

UPDATED REPORT:  Jeff Kauffman and Matt Marsiglia were flounder fishing around Little gull and noticed a few good size cobia swimming with the porpoises, including a 49-incher. Matt threw it a 6-inch BKD on a medium action rod and took 40 minutes to get it to the boat.

Clare Onorato caught a 19-inch flounder and 4 throwbacks in the Thorofare while using Gulp and minnows for bait.

Hunter Rodriguez caught a 17 1/4-inch flounder in the West Channel near the Coast Guard Station on a minnow and Gulp combo.


TUESDAY, July 17, 2018

Rory Wyatt, age 10, caught her first keeper flounder today on the charter boat, "On the Run" while fishing in the West Channel.

Anglers on the charter boat, "Marli" caught 8 yellowfins in 40 fathoms outside the Hot Dog and then moved a little inshore at the Hambone and caught a bluefin.

Anglers on the headboat, "Morning Star" caught some nice flounder, measuring up to 24-inches, while fishing with cut bait and squid over natural ocean bottom.

The charter boat, "Fish On" went to the Washington Canyon and loaded up on dolphin.

MONDAY, July 16, 2018

Updated yesterdays report.

6:18 AM - Capt. John on the charter boat, "That's Right" decided to stay inshore today and they caught a 59-inch bluefin.  A couple of yellowfins have been caught by other boats in the area near the Tea Cup.

6:36 AM - Anglers on the charter boat, "That's Right" caught a single yellowfin.  Capt. John said that there is a little one foot chop.  Pretty morning.

6:55 AM - Anglers on the charter boat, "That's Right" just caught another yellowfin.  It's been a slow pick.

9:13 AM - Capt. John on the charter boat, "That's Right" reported that things have gotten real slow out there.  They just had a swing and a miss.  Everyone is spreading out.

Updated Report:

Anglers on the charter boat, "That's Right" had a 59-inch bluefin and a pair of yellowfins near Massey's Canyon.

It looks like the flounder bite was good around the Bass Grounds today.  Jameson Melvin, Jim Eliadis, Jody Gessford and Ryan Johnson cautht 16 flatties up to 23-inches.  They also had a triggerfish and a pair of sea bass.  Water temp was 74.5 degrees.  Water depth was 60-70 feet.

Grace and Jon David Frizzell caught a pair of 17 1/2-inch flounder in the bay behind Harbour Island on minnows.

Ernie Keller caught a 18 1/2-inch flounder in the Indian River Inlet on a minnow.

Kaitlyn Group caught a 19 1/2-inch founder at Site 10 on a live minnow.

On the "Bubblehead", anglers caught over 150 sea bass while hitting wrecks around the Jackspot.

On the headboat, "Tortuga", anglers Brian Weisgerber and Jim Addis caught a pair of 17 1/2-inch flounder in the Thorofare on squid and shiner combinations.

Anglers on the "Aquaholic" caught a 68 lb. wahoo at the Rockpile.

On the headboat, "Tortuga", anglers caught flounder up to 17 1/2-inches while drifting squid and minnow combinations in the Thorofare.

While fishing on an OC Reef Foundation reef site, anglers on the charter boat, "On the Run" caught 4 keeper flounder up to 18-inches on Gulp Swimming Mullets.

On the charter boat, "Get Sum", Bob Mullis caught a 17 1/2-inch flounder on a white Gulp in the South Bay near the duck blinds.

Mark Ensor caught a 20-inch flounder in the East Channel in front of the Coast Guard Station on a live spot.

On the headboat "Tortuga" anglers caught flounder up to 18 1/2-inches in the bay behind Assateague while using squid and minnow combinations.

On the charter boat, "Fish Bound" Jim Laurent caught a 6 lb. 3 oz. flounder on a whole squid and Otter Tail combination over stone bottom.  Lee Vincent caught a 5 pounder on the same trip.

Capt. Chris Mizurak on the headboat, "Angler" reported decent flounder fishing with fish up to 4 lbs. caught on bucktails on a natural reef.

Tom Miller and Tyler Tribbitt caught 45 sea bass, 3 tautog and 2 flounder on squid and clams on an ocean wreck.

SUNDAY, July 15, 2018

9:27 AM - I received more information on the epic day had by anglers fishing on the Marlin Gale yesterday.  They went 5 for 5 on blue marlin and 1 for 1 on white marlin.  All in 200 fathoms between the Washington and Norfolk Canyons.  Two of the blue mariin were in the 400 lb. range and the other three were between 250 and 300 lbs.  Fishing with Capt. Brandon Speilman and mates Aaron Greenberg and Ben Barwick were Mark and Ken Steiding and Brandon and Gary Prettyman.

1:48 PM - Mark Turner was catching some kingfish in the surf off 123rd Street while using squid for bait.

On the charter boat, "Get Sum", Lee and Luke McAteer caught a 17-inch and an 18-inch flounder in the West Channel.  Both came on white Gulp Swimming Mullets.

Mark Walker caught an 18 1/2-inch flounder in the East Channel.

Hunter Walsh caught an 18-inch and a 21-inch flounder in the Lewes Canal.  Water temp is 73-degrees.  Caught a the beginning of the outgoing tide while drifting a white bucktail tipped with a white Gulp Swimming Mullet.

It was thumbs up for Dax Windsor who caught 5 Spanish mackerel, up to 21-inches, at Fenwick Shoal.

Anglers on "Take it E-Sea" battled strong winds this morning which made it tough to hold bottom while dropping on ocean wrecks.  Four oz. bucktails in white or pink with a top hook tipped with pink or white Gulp was the ticket.  They had 11 keeper flounder and a 16-inch bluefish.  Largest flounder measured 21 1/2-inches.  Had around 20 throwbacks as well.

2:42 PM - Anglers on the charter boat, "Fish Bound" caught 7 keeper flounder, a 22-inch weakfish and 70 triggerfish on ocean structure.  Pat Adkins caught the weakie and Fred Robertson caught a 21 and 22-inch flounder.  Both on Gulp and squid combos.

Kern and Ronnie Ducote drifted behind the OC Airport and caught 2 flounder measuring 17 and 18 1/2-inches.  Both on Gulp and minnow combos.

On the charter boat, "Saltwater Adventure", Zack Little caught a 21-inch flounder in the East Channel.  His other keeper was a 19-incher.  

2:58 PM - Capt. Monty on the headboat, "Morning Star" said that they had a good flounder bite on ocean structure and even had a few keeper sea bass in the mix.  Largest sea bass was 18-inches.  Largest flounder was 22-inches.

3:14 PM - Early reports to the Coastal Fisherman have the "Playmate" coming to the scale this afternoon with a 67-inch bluefin tuna.

7:00 PM - Yesterday, DAve Nies was surf fishing off Assateague when he caught and released a 50-inch red drum.  He hooked it on a strip of squid.

Brody Reichert caught a pair of flounder during the outgoing tide behind Bahia Marina while fishing on the new "Delicious D".

On the headboat, "Angler", Capt. Chris Mizurak reported slow sea bass fishing today but flounder bit well for some. Bob Telford caught 3 flatties up to 3 lbs. and Tom Adkins caught his limit of 4 fish up to 3 lbs. 8 oz.  All on bucktails at a natural ocean reef.

On the "Gret's Three J's", Jackson Conrad caught and released his first white marlin and Greg Garman and Mike Tenuto each released blue marlin.  Chris Pino also released a white marlin.  All the action was in the Washington Canyon.

Nicky Ferrara caught a pair of cobia while fishing from his jet skia mile off the beach in Bethany, DE near the sand dredges.  Nicky used eels for bait.

On the charter boat, "Last Call", Sean Anderson released a white marlin and Brianna Anderson, Mike Wariwanchik and Al Wilson caught a load of dolphin in the Poor Man's Canyon.

On the charter boat, "On the Run", angler Jon Wagoner caught a 16 3/4 and 17-inch flounder in the West Channel on Gulp.

7:45 PM - The scales closed on the final day of the 2018 Ocean City Tuna Tournament and here is what we saw:

"Playmate" weighed a 144 lb. bluefin tuna caught on the southern end of Massey's Canyon to win the Single Heaviest Tuna Division.

"Talkin Trash" caught 5 yellowfins in Massey's Canyon but could only weigh 3 of them.  They totaled 142 lbs. which gave them a 2-day total of 295 lbs.

"Playin Catch" weighed a 53 lbs. yellowfin caught near the Hot Dog in 73-degree water.

"Myra HT" weighed 2 yellowfins totaling 95 lbs. Both were caught in Massey's Canyon.  The heaviest weighed 50 lbs. and was caught by lady angler, JL Cropper.

"All In" weighed 2 yellowfins totaling 87 lbs. caught at the 12 Fathom Lump.

"Primary Search" weighed 3 yellowfins totaling 137 lbs. caught outside Massey's Canyon. Their largest weighed 54 lbs.

"Marli" caught 2 yellowfins, but only one met the minimum 30 lb. weight requirement.  Their largest weighed 54 lbs. and was caught at the Hot Dog.

"The Zipper" released a blue marlin and a white marlin.  They also weighed a 53 lb. yellowfin tuna caught deep outside the southern end of the Poor Man's Canyon by angler Eddie Zajdel.

"Lucky Duck II" caught 7 yellowfins with their 5 heaviest weighing 229 lbs.  All were caught ouside the Poor Man's Canyon in 50 fathoms. 

"C-Boys" had 2 yellowfins.  Their heaviest weighed 57 lbs.  Their other weighed 29 lbs. and did not qualify.

"Fish Bone" weighed a 49 lb. yellowfin.

"Reel Desire" weighed a 53 lb. yellowfin and a 22 lb. dolphin.

"Reel Chaos" weighed a 36 lb. dolphin caught by Jason Goozh in the Norfolk Canyon to win 3rd place in the Dolphin Division.

"Reel Current" weighed a 24 lb. dolphin.

"East Coast Hooked" had 6 yellowfins caught at the Tea Cup (only weighed 2).  Their heaviest weighed 52 lbs.  

"MJ's" weighed 2 bluefins and a yellowfin totaling 146 lbs.  Their heaviest bluefin weighed 54 lbs.

"White Lightning" weighed 3 yellowfins totaling 150 lbs.  Their heaviest weighed 52 lbs.


Anglers on the headboat, "Judith M" caught a 15-inch, 2 lb. 4 oz. porgie on a squid and clam combination on natural bottom.  They also caught some over 50 triggerfish.

SATURDAY,  July 14, 2018

12:31PM - Anglers on the charter boat, "Get Sum" this morning, ending up with 6 keepers in the box.  Capt. Nick had to move all over the bay to find clean water and keepers.  The largest measured 18 1/2-inches and was caught on white Gulp.

1:55 PM - Anglers fishing on the bay headboat, "Happy Hooker" just returned to the dock with a nice catch of 5 flounder and some croaker after drifting in the bay behind Harbour Island.

2:49 PM - On the charter boat, "Over-Board", anglers Sherry Lorah, Avery Lorah and Robin Roscher caught 4 king mackerel, 6 triggerfish and 2 keeper sea bass at the First Lump.  Capt. Dustin Lorah said that the sea bass were really snapping and they ended up throwing back a lot of shorts.

3:03 PM - Anglers on the charter boat, "Saltwater Adventures" headed out to Russell's Reef for a couple of hours this morning and returned with 4 keeper flounder ranging between 18 1/2 and 21 1/2-inches.  All were caught on squid by Capt. Tony Battista, Ralph Mason, Chris Little and Mike McIntyre.  I'm not sure, but I'm guessing McIntyre caught the largest fish.

8:31 PM - The scales just closed on Day 2 of the Ocean City Tuna Tournament and here is what we saw:

"No Quarter" weighed 5 yellowfins totaling 208 lbs.  Their single heaviest weighed 50 lbs.

"S-Crew" weighed a 44 lb. yellowfin.

"Seakeeper" weighed a 46 lb. yellowfin and a 42 lb. dolphin.  The dolphin puts them in 2nd place in the Dolphin Division.

"Grande Pez" weighed a 23 lb. dolphin.

"Mover Money" weighed 2 yellowfins totaling 78 lbs.  Their single heaviest weighed 48 lbs.

"Instigator" weighed 3 yellowfins totaling 128 lbs.  Their single heaviest weighed 48 lbs.

"Assorted Nuts" weighed a 55 lb. yellowfin.

"Killer Whaler" weighed a 45 lb. yellowfin.

"Greene Turtle" weighed a 45 lb. yellowfin.

"Hot Spot" weighed 2 yellowfins totaling 89 lbs.  Their single heaviest weighed 50 lbs.

"Hall Pass" weighed a 30 lb. yellowfin.

"Goin in Deep" weighed their 5 heaviest yellowfinst (out of six) and they totaled 265 lbs.

"Magic Moment" weighed a 46 lb. yellowfin.

Outside the tournament:

Mike Lowe on the "Canyon Hunter" out of the Indian River Marina caught and released a sailfish, estimated at 70 lbs., while trolling ballyhoo in 100 fathoms in the Washington Canyon.

On the charter boat, "Fish Bound", Ciro Cruz caught a pair of 23-inch flounder on natural coral bottom.  His group of 5 anglers caught 19 keeper flounder and a few dozen sea bass.

Anglers on the "Take It E-Sea" caught 16 keeper flounder, and over 50 flatties for the day while wreck fishing off Ocean City.  Largest was 23-inches.  Fish were caught on bucktails tipped with Gulp.

Reports came in that anglers on the "Marlin Gale" released 5 blue marlin and a white marlin today.  This hasn't been confirmed.

FRIDAY, July 13, 2018

Beautiful day on land today in Ocean City.  Today is the first day of the 31st Annual Ocean City Tuna Tournament.  This year, 104 boats are entered which is a sizable increase versus the 88 that entered last year.  Weigh-ins are from 4:00 to 8:30 PM at the Ocean City Fishing Center.

Capt. Buddy Whetzel on the "Bubblehead" reported that the OC Inlet was brutal going out this morning and inshore waters looked to be in the 3-4 foot range.

10:28 AM - On the charter boat, "Fish Bound", Paul Kaiser caught a 23-inch flounder.  The group caught 20 triggerfish, 2 spadefish and 3 keeper flounders before snotty seas made them pack it in early.

I heard some yellowfins are being caught by boats in the tournament.  Some boats have 5 in the box.. others have 3.  I anticipate seeing quite a few stringers weighed at the OCFC scales this afternoon.

12:50 PM - Anglers on the charter boat, "Razorback" out of the Indian River Marina had good bluefish and shad fishing in the Indian River Inlet this morning.  Little Ethan Webb got into some bluefish.